The LILIAN water analysis system at a glance

The LILIAN water analysis system at a glance

The LILIAN system sets new standards in water analysis. With state-of-the-art measurement technology and a smartphone app, it is a must for every public swimming pool, hotel pool and privately operated pool.

The revolutionary measurement technology and the digital overview make the LILIAN water analysis system a fast, accurate and simple tool to determine your water quality. The LILIAN system consists of the LILIAN measuring device with SensoSticks, the LILIAN App and the LILIAN Manager.

LILIAN measuring device with SensoSticks
LILIAN Manager


LILIAN measuring device with SensoSticks: Water tests in a few seconds

For the measurement, the SensoSticks are inserted into the LILIAN measurement handset. At the touch of a button, the instrument draws in the water sample and analyses up to eight substances simultaneously. In a few seconds you will receive your exact measurement results. The SensoSticks can be reordered and disposed of via us in an environmentally friendly way.


LILIAN App: Immediate on-site control

The LILIAN smartphone app receives the measurement data from the handset via Bluetooth and displays the current measurement data in no time at all. You can also conveniently access previously measured values via the app.


LILIAN Manager: Overview of all measuring locations

The LILIAN Manager is the comprehensive software tool behind our water analysis system. The LILIAN Manager automatically receives the data from the LILIAN App and offers an up-to-date overview of all measured values – at all measuring positions, measuring locations and facilities. If a limit value is exceeded, the LILIAN Manager notifies you with our innovative alarm function.

Did you know?

The LILIAN Manager and the LILIAN smartphone app are also available separately – without the LILIAN measurement handset and the SensoSticks. Simply use the LILIAN App to conveniently enter your measurement results, which you determine with your usual measurement methods, and document them in the LILIAN Manager!


Certified accuracy


Time-saving over photometers


Preparation and post-processing of samples

Areas of application

Areas of application

  • Public swimming pools

  • Water laboratories

  • Industrial facilities

  • Hotel pools

  • Rehabilitation and wellness facilities

  • Private swimming pools

  • …and many more

Measurement parameters

  • pH

  • Free chlorine

  • Bound chlorine

  • Total chlorine

  • Active oxygen

  • Bromine

Would you like to determine further parameters? We are continuously working on new tests and further developing our water analysis system. Talk to us!

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