Secure the price now!

Secure the price for your LILIAN starter set now! We are heading towards the end of a turbulent year. Global economic dynamics are increasing year on year and becoming more complex with underlying conditions such as the COVID pandemic and a war in Europe. Globally, important goods such as fossil raw materials and electronic components are becoming much more expensive.

Also we as Lilian Labs are affected by price increases of electronic components – so the prices for some components of the LILIAN have increased thirtyfold! Therefore also we cannot avoid to adapt the price for our starter sets to 01.01.2023 to this circumstance. Take the opportunity now to secure the current price – we are extending this opportunity until 31.01.2023. Simply contact us or one of our partners Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH, team Aquatec (Aquatec Jünger GmbH) or WTG Deutschland GmbH!