With the LILIAN Manager you always have your water quality in view from everywhere – in every facility, at every measuring point and at every measuring position.

Water management with full functionality

Water management with full functionality

Through the personalized employee login, you can always track which employee measured specific parameters at which time and at which location. Create reports, export the data for further processing and be notified by the alarm system when conspicuous measurement results are recorded!

Did you know?

The LILIAN Manager and the LILIAN smartphone app are also available separately – without the LILIAN measurement handset and the SensoSticks. Simply use the LILIAN App to conveniently enter your measurement results, which you determine with your usual measurement methods, and document them in the LILIAN Manager!

React fast when necessary

In the LILIAN Manager you have a complete overview of the water quality at all measuring points.

Only a few seconds after the LILIAN handset has determined your water quality, your values appear in the LILIAN Manager. The measurement results are not only stored, but it is automatically checked whether the limit values specified by you have been exceeded. In case of problematic measurement values, you can contact your local contacts quickly and conveniently via the software.

This provides you with complete documentation of when and at which point who measured what, and you can intervene immediately if necessary.

Lilian Management System


Optimal processes

Documenting your water values has never been easier with LILIAN Manager.

Simple operation

Clear and intuitive user interface.

Full control

Maintain an overview of all measured values and measurement locations throughout the company.

Alarms & notifications

Be informed when limit values are exceeded or not reached and react quickly!

Statistics & data export

Measurement statistics, reports and measurement histories can be found in the extensive evaluation area.

Secure data storage

Your collected data is stored safely and GDPR-compliant with the LILIAN Manager.

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