HighTech sample preparation
With LILIAN you get high-tech in your swimming pool! And this is how it works:

First you insert the SensoStick into the device and start the measurement. Shortly after you will hear a pumping sound: The micro pump in the LILIAN draws the water sample from the container into the inlet area of the SensoStick. The water sample is divided there into different measuring channels, e.g. for chlorine or pH.

In all measuring channels, the water samples are then mixed with the chemicals in parallel in the mixing area. Here, the chemicals are carefully matched with the microfluidic structures so that you get a particularly precise result. In the measuring chambers the measuring parameters are determined photometrically by the LILIAN.

The type recognition on the SensoSticks is used to distinguish the SensoSticks for different parameters by the LILIAN measuring device. The reservoir is a safety area: If you accidentally want to measure an already used SensoStick again, the sample liquid lands here.

As you can see, there are many small steps in the SensoStick that you no longer have to do – so you have more time for the essentials!