LILIAN Pro versus Wave – Which photometer is suitable for whom?

Since its market launch, the Photometer Pro has quickly established itself nationally and internationally for regular water testing in public swimming pools. There are good reasons for this. Thanks to the revolutionary SensoStick, water parameters like free, combined, total chlorine or value can be analysed and documented simultaneously within one minute with maximum detection accuracy – and without any sample preparation, as is the case with other commercially available photometers. This saves time and labour costs, freeing up resources for other important activities in the pool business.

Packaging units of 250 SensoSticks are available. Taking the example of a fun pool with three pools that are sampled three times a day, this means that approximately one month’s supply is required for continuous operation.

In addition to the high detection accuracy, the free use of the LILIAN app and the LILIAN Manager enables digital documentation of the measured values. For this concept and the unique selling point of the SensoSticks, Lilian Labs GmbH received the “Golden Wave Award” in the “Green Technology” category in 2022.

New to this year is the LILIAN Photometer Wave. This system appeals to a different target group. While the Pro is designed for regular water quality sampling in public pools, the Wave is aimed at people who only carry out water analyses sporadically. This includes, for example, health authorities, hygiene institutes, laboratories, pool builders, service technicians, facility managers of communal facilities, hotel operators, service providers, etc.

Smaller packaging units from 5 SensoSticks are suitable for this users without compromising on the accuracy of detection and the digitisation of digitisation of the measurement data. The cost price of the Photometer Wave compared to the Photometer Pro is significantly cheaper, but the costs per analysis are slightly higher due to the smaller packaging units. For sporadic water quality measurements, this is negligible from a business point of view.