Are your household devices still running?

There is always limescale in our tap water. The concentration of limescale is called water hardness. The water hardness in every household is individual and can be completely different in one household from the other.

Therefore, limescale deposits are often formed in washing machines and dishwashers. When you recognize the limescale deposits, it is usually too late. Invisible to the eye, high water hardness clogs the pipes and hoses in the appliances, causing damage that often results in total loss.The manufacturers then refer to the guarantee conditions, in which an adjustment to the degree of hardness is usually prescribed.

You can easily avoid buying a new appliance and arguing with the manufacturer by adjusting your household appliance to your own water hardness. But how do you know the hardness of your water and what you need to adjust your appliances to? We can help you determine your individual water hardness so that your washing machines and dishwashers will last a long time.
For 14.99 euros, you’ll get the result in no time – and in laboratory quality.

What do you have to do?
Simply contact us by private message or at Then send us your water sample or bring it by and you’ll get your result within a short time!