You know this for sure: You paid attention to everything during the water measurement and meticulously adhered to the sample preparation. You carefully transferred all the values correctly at the end of the day. Errors excluded – really? No matter how precisely and reliably you work – you can never be sure whether something has been forgotten. You always get a result – but is it the right one? Did I not make a mistake by one decimal place when transferring the data? The measured water values are then quickly questioned during a check.
With LILIAN it is different: Here you have the certainty that everything has been done correctly at every check! And this is even provable – because the measurement cannot be influenced and the automatically documented values are unchangeable. You only have to take care that the water sample is taken correctly – the LILIAN takes over the responsibility for the rest of the measuring process. Errors in sample preparation, measurement or documentation are impossible – a system for professionals!

Image source: Pavel Danilyuk & Monstera (pexels.com)